Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baptist Experience

ASBers had the option of going to a Baptist church service Wednesday

For many of us, it was a different experience, and somewhat exciting.

The church was extremely welcoming. Once we were seated, the minister
called out to his congregation telling them it was 'time to play
musical chairs.' Church members grabbed us from our seats and moved us
to sit next to them.

Mike Lueder went to the front and introduced each one of us. To our
suprise, we were then asked to all come up and sing from the stage.

So there we were, awaiting instructions for a song to sing. The
pastor waited, and then asked us to sing.

We then realized we were leading a song, but we didn't know which one.

Megan Schildbach saved the awkward silence by saying "Amazing Grace!"

And then the entire congregation sang with us, and it was great.

Many congregation members thanked us for being there, and we took
photos in front of the church.

The church happens to be right accross the street from the NAACP
building that some ASBers repaired on Tuesday.

Jerry, a member of the church, took photos of us as well. He works in
the NAACP office and had driven by our site earlier this week to chat.

Abby Eddy contributed to this post.

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