Sunday, March 22, 2009

Downtown Biloxi

Group Visits Katrina Memorial

Being Silly

Molly Ireland, Jenna Wheat, Sarah Paff and Megan Salm

Tree Statues Line Median

Several trees were replanted on the strip between lanes on I-90 after
Hurricane Katrina, and artists came to Biloxi to sculpt amazing
animals into them.


A handful of group members went exploring with Mike Lueder to see the
surrounding neighborhoods.

The walk was beautiful, with many huge trees including this one.

We walked past the checkpoint for the Airforce base, which confirmed
what we thought were military planes and a helicopter flying into
Biloxi earlier today.

Made it!

Whole group (Ben Doing taking photo).

Kyle Olson Leads Group in Beach Clean-up

The ASB group wanted to take a walk to the lighthouse about a mile
from our housing, and Kyle Olson's idea to do a trash pick-up of the
beach made the lighthouse a great goal to reach.

Eileen Clark, Mandy Acre, Kyle Olson and Sarah Paff.

ASBers Watch the Sunrise at the beach

Eileen Clark, Ben Doing, Leah Rebne, Kyle Olson, Sarah Paff and Sam
Kapitz wake up at 5:45 a.m. and head to the ocean to view the sunrise.