Monday, March 23, 2009

Friendly Locals

Biloxi locals Bobby and Nick were training their dogs when we arrived
at the baseball diamond, so we broke into reflection groups for about
45 minutes.

When the lights would not turn on, it looked like we might not get to
play for very long, if at all.

And then all of a sudden they kicked in, and a great game of kickball

Nick and Bobby joined us in our game, and the entire time was a close
scoring fun night.

Nick and Bobby have known each other since they were four years old,
and say they would love to go sledding someday, since they've never
experienced more than the few inches of snow Mississippi rarely

They are training their dogs for the American Pulling Alliance, the
iron man of dog competitions (

Bobby with Gizzy, Nick with Gauge.

Local Pizza Hut Driver Brings Pizza

Last inning, 10-9, competition is intense. Right before the first
kicker goes, a Pizza Hut driver shows up with three pizzas after being
stood up.

Southern Hospitality!

Team "Pirates" were defeated 10-9 by the "Yeah!" team.


The ASB group located a baseball diamond on Sunday while exploring the
neighborhood, so we just had to have a kickball game.

The field is located across the railroad tracks from the Air Force base.

Sarah Paff runs to second base as a teammate sprints to home.

Photo by Megan Schildbach

Sun and Wasps

A few houses down the street from our work site are some ASBers who
removed nails from wood that will be reused.

The heat index today was "very high," so Ben Doing, Molly Ireland,
Chelsea Sievert and Melissa Jensen pitch a screen house to protect
against sunburn while working.

Unfortunately, the tent became a cage of wasps that had been hanging
out in the flowers, so we had to try and coax them out.

Temporary Housing

Williams is currenty living in this temporary trailer behind her house
while her home is being fixed.

On Apr. 18, 2009 her contract expires and the trailer will be taken

Since the home is a historic landmark, it must be completed up to
standards before Williams is allowed to move in.

If it is not up to standards on April 18,, Williams will be homeless.

Various groups have worked on the house in a race against time, and
ASBers are now completing some of the last projects.

Comments Appreciated

We have received some great comments! They are all sent to Ben's e-
mail right away and read to the entire group.

If you want us to know who it is from, include your name.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ben D

Historic Home First Project

Karen Williams' home is a historic landmark. It was built in the 1920s
or earlier, the exact date it unknown.

Her father lived in this house, and Williams has been living in a
trailer behind the house, waiting for the repairs to be completed.

Hurricane Katrina brought flooding that filled the entire home, nearly
to the ceiling. Williams had to wait out the storm in a crawl space
until it was safe to come out.

Neighbor's Airmail Box

Mike Lueder and Sarah Paff prepare the paint for Kyle Olson as Jon
Hall holds the ladder in place.

First Day Rebuilding Home Keeps Group Busy

Abby Eddy and Jenna Wheat pull nails from wood that will be used on
the home.

Little people big world

Little People Big World is on tonight on TLC at 7 p.m. The show
takes place in Biloxi so there will be a chance to see the area.

Mia Sweeney contributed to this post.